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Product Innovation

We work closely with our clients to develop their product ranges, offering unbiased and independent choices for every water saving product. Not only does this give you more flexibility but it can also provide superior quality products at a lower cost.

We are transitioning from using single use plastic in any of our packaging and moving toward fully recycled materials in the whole of the supply chain, from original production through to mailing directly into the home.

All relevant products will be WRAS approved then subject to testing. Firstly, on our own practical test rig, then by non-affiliated and independent testing centres to assess performance at all flow rates and of course the all important ‘hand test’, which is how your customer will judge the product once in their home.

  • WRAS experience and expertise.
  • Completely independent. 
  • Bringing new thinking and new ideas to our clients.
  • Reducing the CO2/single use plastic in product sourcing.
  • Making huge cost savings too.
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