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Think of a report and it’s yours. 

The key thing that drives any important business activity is real-time and highly accessible business intelligence tools. Acrobat’s long-standing expertise in developing these kinds of solutions, in conjunction with the GDPR ready Microsoft cloud, allows us to deliver transformative reporting experience for your clients at no extra charge as part of our service delivery. Often clients have little knowledge of the expansive and bespoke solutions available at Acrobat and we can only measure it by their reaction when presented with the tools at their disposal for the first time. We can help you to ease the pressure and pain of any regulatory or reporting pressures and our solution. Think of how much time you spend with lengthy information collection and report creations. Acrobat can literally do the work for you with our tools. Giving you a reporting suite that display exactly what you need in a format that suits you.

  • All delivered in real-time using our Power BI, a next generation reporting and business intelligence solution.
  • See all the activity joined up and in real-time.
  • See the journey from the ‘shelf to the door’.
  • All reporting available on whatever device you want.
  • Delivered free because you’re our client.
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